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This was so sad, I played it like 6 times in a row and god I swear you can make just some beautiful little stories. You actually had me crying, love your stuff!

This is incredible! The writing is excellent and I especially like the audio. Thanks for making my ears happy :)

Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed it. (Though I can’t take credit for the audio - they’re all royalty-free sound effects!)


It's a great game! I love it!


Thank you, my love - I think you may be biased, though <3

This was really beautiful! I loved how much the atmosphere changed from scene to scene with the colours, music and text.


Thank you!! I really wanted each part of the “poem” to feel distinct, and I’m glad it came across!

Wow! That was great! I really enjoyed that.

Love the rhyming dialogue, the strong lines in the art, the use of colour. The combination of it all was beautiful.

Wow, thanks a lot! I was worried he rhymes wouldn’t go over well, so I’m glad you liked them.

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Love the writing in this. The changing music in this is really effective... Another banger, Teeth.


Thank you! Choosing the music was pretty fun. And thanks for playing my stuff, I’m always happy to see you in the comments!

very nice, great use of audio!

Thank you so much!